Friday, July 21, 2006

Where did the lights go?

Wednesday night was pretty scary although I slept through most of it. It all started after I went to sleep. Daddy called mommy and told her that there was some bad weather coming. After mommy hung up with daddy the lights flickered a few times and went completely out. That meant NO fans, air conditioning, music, lights or TV. Mommy heard the tornado sirens go off and took me downstairs to the basement. I woke up for a little bit but as the winds calmed mommy and I went to survey the damage. The tree that was in our front yard fell down but luckily didn't hit the house and there are leaves everywhere.

Some of our neighbors have shingles off their roof, but mommy and daddy says our roof is fine. We ended up sleeping in the basement because it was cooler. On Thursday though, it got really really HOT so mommy called Luke's mommy and we were going to go to his house but Mommy and I were really tired so she called greatgrandma instead and we went to hang out at her house for the day and napped. I got to see my Great Uncle too because he came over to check on us a few times. We went back to our house to check on my puppies and kitties but it was really HOT. Grandma came over and we had dinner and then we went back to greatgrandma's house and stayed there. I also got to see my great aunt again and 3 of my 2nd cousins. I really liked playing with Larry. His dog, Pierre is pretty funny too. He gave me kisses all over the place...and I laughed and laughed.

I had a hard time going to sleep but once I did, I slept all night long! In the morning, I got up and had breakfast and played with Larry and Chris and after they left, Mommy and I went for a walk. More storms are coming but I hope we get to go home again soon. I miss my bed. :(


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