Saturday, July 22, 2006

What's that BUZZZ?

Oh that would be power finally!! After 3 days of not sleeping in my own bed, I finally get to sleep in my own bed again and it feels soooo good.

Mommy and daddy had some work to do though. They had to empty out our freezer and refrigerator of almost everything. I'm glad that none of my food had to be thrown away. Mommy also had laundry to do. Having no power was exciting for a little bit, but I'm glad that all the lights are back on and that I get to sleep in my comfy crib again and not the pack n play.

Mommy and daddy told me that we did have a little scare Saturday afternoon. A tree limb touched a wire in our neighbor's backyard and caused a large BOOM and a little fire in the trees. My friends from the fire department came but they didn't get to use their hoses because the electric company was already cutting down limbs. The power was out for about 30 minutes, but I slept the entire time.

Enough excitement...I'm


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