Thursday, June 28, 2007

Congratulations to Chris, Heather and Aiden...

On your new house!!!
We can't wait to see it!!
Enjoy being homeowners!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Where did it go??

The other day I was playing with my ball and it rolled underneath the china cabinet...I was determined to get it. (Oh and mommy says to ignore the dusty floor...she thought she had just cleaned it)

How can I get that ball....

Father's Day Pictures

So much fun in my float ring! I love that this year I can walk around the pool in it.

Me and my DADDY!
(notice who is wearing my hat....)

Me and Daddy listening sooo intently
to the St.Louis Symphony Orchestra

David Robertson

Me and my straw..doesn't it look like I'm conducting??

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Father's Day...

Today was Daddy's second Father's Day. While Daddy was getting ready for church, Mommy and I sneaked into the bedroom with his presents and cards. We got him some Bach...whoever THAT is, and a picture frame with my picture on it that says, "I get my good looks from my daddy!" (Mommy thought it was pretty funny since EVERYONE says that I look like daddy except great grandma!) He loved all his gifts! Then we went to church with Grandma, and went to brunch. Later, mommy and daddy went swimming with me. I didn't believe them at first when they said I had done that before. But it was a lot of fun splashing around. Then after some dinner, we went to hear the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra perform an outdoor concert. It was fun, but I wanted to roam and check out who was blowing bubbles from the other side of the park. It was a great time, but I was dog gone tired after that. I feel asleep in the car and the next thing I knew it was morning and I was in my crib at home. did that happen???

I'll post pictures of me swimming and at the concert later.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

People making the news...

Not only did daddy make the neighborhood newspaper but so did our friends, The Nitzels! If you have made the news, let me know and I will post about it!

Daddy's Link

My 'trial' sister...

Miss Meghan

On Tuesday, mommy and I watched Baby Meghan while her mommy and daddy were at work. At first I wasn't sure WHY she was at my house and wanting to play with MY toys, but eventually I figured out she wasn't leaving anytime soon.

Just us playing...

Meghan thought I was pretty funny until I accidentally
hit her on the head with Blue Buddy. Oops!

You can't really see my shirt, but since Daddy dressed me I have to share it with you. It says,
"Handsome future doctor seeking attractive female with wealthy father. Must enjoy peanut butter, toy trucks and frogs."
Do you think daddy is trying to marry me off already???

Even though I liked to steal Meghan's bottles and try and drink them and play with HER toys, I think I can do this big brother thing. I was a little sad when Lisa came and picked her up. I had to make sure to give her kisses. She's not so bad afterall...for a GIRL!

Bye Bye Kate...

My cousin Kate and her husband Bryce are moving back to San Diego for awhile. I'm going to miss playing with them, BUT I get to see her in September when she comes in for Clare's baptism. Here's a picture of Kate, my aunt Donna and Bryce.

A day at the Farm...

On Sunday, mommy, daddy and I went to Grant's Farm for the first time this season with all my playgroup friends. I loved riding the tram and looking out at all the animals. I even tried to feed the goats, but those silly goats don't know how to share and they kept trying to push me over! I also saw some guinea pigs, turtles,chickens, ducks, elephants,some camels, llamas and a lot of birds! Daddy even fed the chickens and ducks which I thought was very funny.

Looking out the tram at the animals....

Didn't these goats' mommies teach them sharing??

Daddy feeding the rooster

Daddy, me and the camel's hump...oops..he moved
too fast for mommy to get his face

Bud the elephant waving bye bye

Some fun pictures..

Here are just some random pictures of my silliness....

Talking on the favorite thing to do!

Ever since I started going to the Little Gym,
I LOVE doing flips and I do them so well
in my bed.

That sun is so BRIGHT!

What do you mean this isn't mine?