Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Mommy decided that I needed a schedule because I have not been wanting to take afternoon naps or sleeping through the night. Mommy heard from my friend Aiden's mom about the Sleep Lady. Yesterday was my first day trying it out. I wasn't too happy about taking my afternoon nap, but I did sleep for 2 hrs and I felt so much better. I went to bed without too much crying, but I woke up at midnight and I wanted mommy! She tried and tried to get me to go back to sleep the way that the Sleep lady said but I would not go to sleep. She gave me a little drink and I was asleep until this morning. When mommy and daddy came in to get me up, I had a surprise for them! I had managed to untie my bumper tie and I was playing with the bumper and the tag. It was pretty funny. Mommy says that she wishes she would have taken a picture!I think I might like this schedule...once I get use to it, but shhhh don't tell mommy. ;)OUT

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