Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I have a secret...can you guess what is it???

Did you guess what my secret is yet???????????

Yes you read that right...I'm going to be a big brother in August!! I'm not really sure what that means yet, but mommy and daddy are really excited so I guess I am too...Of course mommy had to start a blog for Niblet. There isn't much on it yet, but you can read it at http://babybugala.blogspot.com

So busy...so little time...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Being sick is no fun!

I am teething and I have a really bad cold. I have a yucky runny nose and a cough. Mommy even stayed home from her practicum on Monday to take care of me and Daddy stayed home on Tuesday. I'm starting to feel better but now I have decided to wake mommy and daddy up early in the morning. I like climbing in bed with them and cuddling! NOT...instead I like to flip and turn and be a monkey at 5am. Mommy and Daddy do not like that but I have so much fun. :) That's about it from this end...nothing too exciting has been happening since I haven't been feeling good.
They are predicting snow next week, so maybe mommy and daddy will take me for more exciting tobaggan rides. On Thursday mommy and I are going to see Aunt Lisa, Ernie and Meghan and go to a train place. I hope I'm back up to snuff by then. I love playing with Ernie!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mommy's Night Out

On Friday, mommy had a girls night out while daddy and I had a boys night out! Since mommy had the camera,daddy couldn't take any pictures of us, but mommy made sure to take some! She went to Glazed and Confused with some of her friends. They had a great time. I can't wait to see what mommy made.

My first boggan ride!

We finally had enough snow (2inches) that I could try out my new boggan! Mommy dressed me up all warm and snuggly in my fleece pants, fleece top, fleece sleeper, socks, hat and gloves and it was outside we went. I did not want to keep my gloves on at all! I kept putting my hands in my mouth and pulling them off,but once we were outside, I was glad I had them on. Daddy put in my boggan and we went in circles around our front yard. Of course mommy took lots of pictures. Here's just some of my first boggan ride and some with daddy. I can't wait until it snows again! I had so much fun!!!