Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My new chair

Mommy and I went shopping and mommy bought me my very own chair to sit in. I still have problems climbing in it and getting out, but I really love sitting in it. (I think mommy likes that I can't get in and out by myself because she knows that means I will sit in one place for awhile...silly mommy)

Here's some pictures of my new chair.
Hmmm I'm not sure about this sitting in one place idea....
All done...time to get down

I <3 Bathtime!

Mommy had fun taking my picture while I was in the bathtub after eating my noodles and sauce. I had to show off for the camera. See me sticking out my tongue? That's my new trick...I stick my tongue out and try to reach my chin. Then I like to make silly faces.

Notice my face is still stained??

I love Noodles!

On Sunday, daddy picked up some food from Noodles and Co for dinner. Instead of my usual Mac and Cheese, daddy got me penne noodles with red sauce. Mommy stripped me down to my diaper and let me go to town on it. It was DELICIOUS! Of course, I got it everywhere...my face, my chest, my hair, you name it, I'm sure mommy and daddy found some sauce. After dinner, I went straight into the bathtub! What a mess!

Just getting started...yummy!

I think I need a bath...

Busy Weekend!

Saturday I went to my friend Marc's first birthday party. I had so much fun playing with everyone. I even wanted to help him open his birthday presents. AND I loved eating the cake! There was so much yummy food that mommy let me try. I of course loved it all even though I had eaten lunch right before we went. Afterall, a growing boy needs to eat!

Sunday after church, mommy and I went to playgroup while daddy was at the symphony concert. I had fun playing with Evelyn, Cheyenne, and Chloe. There were also quite a few babies around but I wasn't so sure what to do with them. I tried to play ball with Aiden, but mommy and Denise didn't like me throwing the ball AT him. Then I tried giving Mia a hug, but I accidently knocked her over. Oops. I can't wait to play with everyone again. Maybe Aiden, Kaden and I can all play together when they get bigger.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My first Haircut

Mommy and daddy were tired of everyone nagging them about getting my hair cut. I thought I looked just fine but people kept calling me a girl even though I DEFINITELY look like a boy. So mommy and daddy took me to mommy's stylist, Rebecca. Daddy was going to go first and show me how it's done, but I was in such a good mood that I got my hair cut first. I did so good! I sat in daddy's lap while Rebecca cut my hair. Everyone was so proud of me!

The before....I was having a really bad hair day!
The during...I decided I didn't like the cape!

The after..what do you think?

Monday, January 08, 2007

More birthday pictures...

Remember how I told you mommy and daddy love taking pictures of me? Well they also love getting my pictures taken! Here are some of the pictures that were taken at Target on my birthday. I had a really bad cold so don't pay attention to my red nose.

So stylish...

Hmmm what's this?

All done making a mess!

(I was covered in cake from head to toe!)

Me and my cakes...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More photos from my photo shoot...

All the pictures are now downloaded...so after you have watched the slideshow that I posted about below,be sure to go to

You may have to search for Baby Bugala. The password is May212004!

(Thank you Lily Photography for the great pictures!)

Tornado Thomas has struck...

I have so much fun making messes and rearranging all my toys that mommy works so hard to organize. Sorry about the glare...I had to have the window shades open so I could watch the tree trimmers across the street.

Birthday Cake take 2....

Since it was MY party...and I could cry if I wanted to the first time around, mommy and daddy decided to give me my birthday cake a 2nd time after I had had a good nap and was my happy usual self. I still wasn't so sure what all the fuss was about. I liked eating cake if daddy was eating some, but I didn't want to feed myself any of my cake.

What it started out looking like...

Digging in.....

playing with my balloon is great when I have icing everywhere!
Hmmm I think I need a bath.....

The result!

The excitement continues...

Saturday was my birthday party!

So many of my family and friends came to celebrate my birthday with me. I was so excited to see everyone! I was really really tired so when everyone sang to me, I wasn't sure what to think and I really wasn't sure about my cake.

I was so sleepy that I just wanted to take a nap. After I touched the cake, I started crying. I didn't like all those people crowded around me. Mommy saved me though.

She took me away, gave me a bath and laid me down for a nap. I felt so much better when I woke up, but by then almost all my friends had left. I still had some of my friends here so I sat and opened presents while Billy and Marc helped me.

Thank you everyone for all the books and toys! I will be sending thank you notes out soon!

I thought all the excitement was over...

I thought that all the excitement was over,but I was wrong. Friday was my
1st birthday!
We had such a busy day too. Daddy stayed home from work to celebrate the day with mommy and me. In the morning, mommy's friend Alisha came over and took some pictures of all of us.
Here's the link to the slideshow that she created just for us.
Make sure you have your speakers turned on!
In the afternoon, I had more pictures taken because my friends at Target wanted to see me. Mommy didn't even buy any this time if you can believe that because she wants to buy Alisha's pictures.
After all my photo shoots, we went to Qdoba and I ate an entire cheese quesadilla by myself. Mommy even let me have some of her gaucomole on a chip.
It was such a busy day but when we got home, mommy and daddy sang "Happy Birthday" to me and I got to open one of my birthday presents. I love my animal train!


Finally I am getting around to posting about my Very First Christmas! It was so busy, I didn't know WHERE I was half the time.

On Christmas eve, we spent the evening with grandma and Daddy's cousin. I met first cousins once removed (Rich and Linda) and first cousins twice removed (Neil and Tony). I also met my great aunt (Merlin). Everyone was so much fun. After we ate dinner, we all sat by the big decorated tree and opened presents. I got to open mine first. I had so much fun playing with the box! The car inside was neat but the box was so much better! I got so many neat things from everyone including Santa. I started to get a little bit cranky when I didn't have anymore gifts to open so mommy and daddy changed me into my Christmas pajamas and let me snuggle with them until everyone was done opening presents. I don't remember much after mommy loaded me in the car because I fell asleep and didn't wake up until Christmas morning!

What no more presents for me?

That's ok, I'll just play with this bag...

So tired...

On Christmas morning, I walked into the living room and guess what? Santa had come!

He left me a train,

some clothes, some books, and a bunch of other really neat toys.

I got to play with some of my toys while mommy and daddy took turns getting ready for church. Once I was dressed, we went and picked up grandma. Church was so beautiful. I love listening to the handbell choir and all the music. I started to get antsy and cranky since I was missing my nap so mommy took me to the back of church so I could walk around for a bit. Once I was buckled in my carseat, I was out like a light. I didn't wake until we got to my Great Aunt's house. Everyone was there! I got to see all of mommy's cousins and my greatgrandma and my other great aunt and uncle. It was so much fun! I even got to sit at the table with the grownups! After mommy gave me my food, I ate some mashed potatoes, yams, macaroni and cheese and some cookies. Then I got to play with everyone after opening my toys from the Barney clan! I of course fell asleep on the way home.

That's a busy weekend for such a little boy!