Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sylvan Springs

In our quest to find daddy's 'short cut' to the park, we first saw some deer...
Then it was off to the playground via the 'long' way

I love sliding!

Daddy and I on the big slide(it was HOT on this slide, so Daddy took the heat)

Suson Park and Farm

In my quest to visit area parks, mommy, daddy, Clare and I went to Suson Farm and Park after church on Sunday. I wasn't quite sure what to think of all the animals. I really liked looking the the goats and pigs. The cows and horses were stinky!
Daddy and I and 2 ponies
I loved looking at the miniature horses and the big pig

Me being a big helper by pushing Clare (can you tell it was a very SUNNY day?)

And of course no park visit is complete without a trip to the playground!

Next up....Sylvan Springs

Monday, September 03, 2007

TJ the bear

Mommy and Daddy took me to Build a Bear this weekend so I could make a bear for Clare. Originally I was suppose to go with mommy on August 18th so I could make one to take to Clare in the hospital, but as we all know, Clare decided to make an early arrival and mommy and I didn't get to go!

I had fun picking out a bear for Clare, stuffing it, giving it a bath,

and naming it. Can you guess why I named him TJ? I loved him so much that I didn't want to let the lady put him in a bear house. I hope Clare likes him as much as I do!

Lemay Park...

Oops the camera batteries died and mommy and daddy couldn't take any pictures of me. I really liked swinging, going on the slide (it was super fast) and playing in the sprinkler park.
(if you look really closely you can see the swings and the slide in front was the super fast one. We got this picture off the web)

Next up....Suson Park and Farm

Simpson Park and Lone Elk Park

Simpson Park wasn't as fun as some of the other parks we have been to...they didn't have any swings and most of the slides were way too big for me. :( I did get to go down one of the slides over and over again and daddy even let me go on the swirly slide all by myself...although mommy was holding my hand on the side. I did have fun picking up sticks in the field though...

After Simpson Park and before Clare got hungry, daddy drove us to Lone Elk Park. At first I thought it was going to be a bust because he kept taking short cuts to get us out of the park sooner but just as we were getting ready to exit, we finally saw some ELK! Can you believe how close they are? (and no mommy and daddy didn't have to use the zoom..they really are that close to the car.) We got to see a mommy and baby elk cross the road right in front of US! I could barely see all the elk though because they were all on Clare's side of the car and it's hard looking over her car seat to see out the window. I heard daddy tell mommy that we would have to come back so maybe they will be on my side of the car next car and MAYBE we can see other animals....

Next up...Lemay Park

Tilles Park

me and Clare on the slide...doesn't it look like Clare had fun??

I loved the water part too! I didn't know what to think when the water went away and came back in my face!

I love the swings! I have to swing at every park we go to

This was so much fun! My musical abilities are already emerging!

Next up...Simpson Park and Lone Elk Park

My mission

I have a mission while daddy is home with mommy, me and Clare...See how many parks we can go to visit!

First up:Faust Park and the carousel

My view

mommy and me, daddy and me, me with daddy and Clare

On the way to the playground

At the playground

Next up...Tilles Park

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Little Gym Open House

I love the Little Gym and I was so excited that they had an open house!! I got to play on the air track and hang on the bars. I even did a flip over the bar with a little help from mommy! My most favorite part though was seeing the SLU billiken! I couldn't get enough of him. I kept going over to him to say hi and to shake his hand and give him five. I guess mommy going to SLU while she was pregnant with me made me a billiken at heart! GO SLU!!