Thursday, June 01, 2006

June Blog

My first baseball game
Date: 6/7/2006
Last night, mommy and daddy took me to my first baseball game. Daddy thought it was just going to be the 3 of us, but mommy surprised him and invited my friend Marc and his mommy and daddy and our friends Sara, Jake and Aunt Tab. Daddy was really surprised. I liked being at the game but I didn't like it when people cheered. They were really loud and it scared me. The Cardinals lost to the Reds 7-0. :( I fell asleep during the 9th inning so I didn't get to see the final outs but I didn't miss anything. I wish the Cards would have won...well maybe next time.
Mommy put some new pictures in my album so be sure to check it out.

Aunt Tabitha babysat me last night
Date: 6/9/2006
Last night I got to play with Aunt Tab while mommy and daddy were both at work. I didn't get to play with her for too long because I was tired but we played for a bit and sang songs. Maybe next time, I'll get to play with her for a longer time.


Date: 6/13/2006
Mommy and I have both been sick!! :( I have a yucky cough and mommy just doesn't feel good. Mommy called Dr. Rezabek's office yesterday and they told her that something is going around. I feel a little bit better today. I hope I'm better by this weekend since it is Father's Day. I can't wait to give daddy his gift. I think he will be so surprised.

That's it from hasn't been too exciting. I can't wait to feel better so I can go swimming in my new pool. Maybe my friends will come over to play too.


My first trip to Grant's Farm
Date: 6/16/2006
Daddy is off work today so mommy, daddy and I went to Grant's Farm. I really liked riding in the tram and seeing all the animals on the farm. Mommy and I fed the goats but I didn't like them all that much. Not only were they drinking milk from a bottle like I do, they liked to nibble on my toes. I was glad when mommy and I left the goat area. I had a fun time watching all the people walk by. I also saw a llama spit on a man. It was pretty funny. After we looked in the carriage house and at the horses, I was ready for lunch. Mommy found a shady spot and we ate lunch. Then I was wiped out and took a little catnap but I was wide awake for my tram ride back to the station even though there wasn't much to see on the way back.

When we got home, I made a mess out of my carrots and after a little drink, I was down for the long afternoon snooze. I have to save up my energy afterall, because tonight I get to see my friend Ernie and his mommy and daddy. We are going to dinner and then maybe to this place called the Magic House. I hope that they have fun things for me to play with.

Stay tuned because mommy promised that she would post pictures of my day at Grant's Farm soon.


First trip to the Magic House
Date: 6/17/2006
Last night mommy, daddy and I went to the Magic House with my friend Ernie and his mommy and daddy. I had so much fun playing in the ball pit and playing in the water. I also really liked it when mommy was playing the xylophone. I couldn't help laughing. Music is really neat. I hope we get to go back again soon. Maybe some of my other friends can join me. I would love to show them the area just for us and the Waterworks area.

Today after my nap, mommy says we have some errands to run and we are going to go see daddy at work. Mommy says if it doesn't rain, I may get to try out my new pool when daddy gets home. I can't wait. I love water!!

I think that's all for now. OUT!

Father's Day!
Date: 6/18/2006

While Daddy slept this morning, I could hear Mommy sneaking around the house. She was getting Daddy's Father's Day presents ready. I got him some Cardinal tickets, a T-Shirt (with MY picture on it), and a cool frame with some words I can't quite read yet...and another picture of me. He really liked them. Then we picked up Grandma and went to the big room where everyone smiles at me at the end. AKA church! We drove by the cemetery and Daddy knelt by where his dad is buried. He says he would've loved to play with me if he was still alive. (And talk about baseball.)
Later on today, we're going to see Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Rick, and my friend, Billy! I will see you later. Until then, I am...OUT!
I went swimming today!!
Date: 6/19/2006
Mommy and Daddy bought a pool just for me and I finally got to get in it for the first time today. The water was COLD! (even though it was hot outside) I got to sit in my new little float and float around the pool with my sunglasses on. I really liked all the water and I really like my Spiderman swimmers. Mommy says that we are going to go swimming everyday. I hope that I don't have to go underwater again. I didn't like that so much, even though mommy and daddy were right there. I got water in my nose and that didn't feel so good. There are new pictures of me in my pool so be sure to look. Swimming wore me out so I'm

I can swim!!
Date: 6/21/2006
Well sort of. I have decided that I don't like my baby float and I would rather stand in the pool and splash everything in sight. Tonight, mommy was holding my hands and I took a few steps in the water. I also floated on my back and on my belly. I kept wanting to taste the water. I learned that you can't float on your back and grab your toes. It doesn't work so well. I LOVE swimming. I'm so glad mommy talked daddy into getting a pool.

I also got some new toys today. I got a LeapFrog piano that I love to play and a stacking toy that lights up and plays songs. I hope my friends can come over and see them soon. I also like to sit up on my own although after awhile I get tired and topple over. Mommy is always there to catch me though. Well I think that's about it...swimming wore me out.

I'm a TV star!
Date: 6/22/2006
Mommy sent my picture to Show me St. Louis and I was the featured snapshot today. I hope you got to see me in my swimming pool. Please no autographs when I see you. I have a hard time holding the pen but it does taste pretty good.

I'm a TV star again!!
Date: 6/27/2006
I was on Show Me St. Louis again today. This time it was me on my first trip to Grant's Farm. I can't believe how famous I'm getting. :) I wonder if any of my other friends are going to be on TV.......

Mommy and I have been sick!
Date: 6/28/2006
Mommy has been much sicker then I have. Daddy even stayed home from work on Friday to help take care of me and mommy. I wish mommy was feeling better. I miss her holding me and giving me kisses. She took me to the doctor's on Monday because she thought I was getting worse, but the PNP said I was doing fine and that mommy and daddy were doing a great job. Guess what though! I weigh 20 pounds and 10 1/2 oz!! I'm getting so big!

Mommy also went to the doctor on Monday. I had a great time flirting and talking to everyone in the office. Mommy got some medicine so I hope she starts feeling better again soon.