Thursday, November 29, 2007

A few pictures from Thanksgiving

I am not happy being a reindeer!

The Thanksgiving dinner table (minus the children who were too busy playing)
We missed you Josh, Kate, and Bryce!!!

The stars of the show me and Pierre (the dog)!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Finally some updates October-November

Sorry I don't have any new pictures to share though...Now that mommy has the new camera she FORGETS to take pictures of me (but don't worry, she doesn't take many of my sister either so I don't feel left out) and the pictures she took using the old memory card won't download so mommy doesn't have any halloween pictures of me trick or treating. :(

It's been a busy time for me. Since my last real update was in October, I have so much to tell you. Halloween was a busy day for me! After we took daddy to work, we went to storytime at Barnes and Noble where I got to eat a snack, listen to Miss Christine read me a halloween story AND go trick or treating around the store. Then we met mommy's friend Mandy for lunch since she hadn't seen me since I was only just 1. When we got home, mommy tried to lay me down for a nap but I had other ideas! There were so many things to do why would I want to take a nap?? After Clare woke from her nap mommy dressed us up in our costumes and took us to the library to see daddy and his coworkers. Marc and his mommy was there too! I made sure everyone saw me and Clare. People said we were the cutest pirate and cow that they had ever seen. Then mommy, daddy, Clare, Mike, Cheryl, Marc and I all went to dinner. I was pretty cranky until I heard mommy and daddy mention treat or treating. What's that? Candy you say? I get candy. Oh I need to be on my best behavior! After dinner, mommy, daddy, Clare and I went into the mall where I had my first trick or treating experience. I didn't say trick or treat but I did make sure to tell everyone thank you (sank you) for all the yummy candy. After the mall, we went to Grandma's house and while mommy fed Clare, daddy took me over to see his old neighbors. I got to play a little bit with their puppy too. When we finally left grandma's I was so tired that I fell asleep in the car BUT don't worry I woke up to watch BLUE'S CLUES when we got home. It was a long day but it was so much fun! I can't wait to do it again and maybe next year mommy and daddy will let ME eat some of the candy instead of taking it to work and hiding it.

November has also been busy busy. Mommy went back to work per diem so daddy has to get Clare and I ready for bed and in bed while mommy's gone. Most of the time he does a really good job but sometimes I have to give him a hard time and make it difficult for him. But he STILL manages to get me into bed on time. I don't know HOW he does it! Mommy, Clare and I have also been going to story time 2x a week. Most of the time I sit and listen to the story but occasionally I like to get up and go explore instead. I also have been practicing going on the potty. Some days I really want to try and other days I want nothing to do with that silly potty chair. It's much more fun to put the lid down and climb on in then to sit on it. One scary thing that happened was that mommy thought I had sprained my wrist. You see we went shopping and I decided to help mommy push Clare in the cart instead of sitting in it and mommy was holding my other hand and I went one way and mommy went the other and then my elbow started to hurt really bad but I didn't know how to tell mommy so I just decided to cry and not use it. Well of course that really worried mommy and when we got home, mommy called Dr. Rezabek. While she was waiting for the nurse to call back she put some ice on my wrist and rubbed my elbow. That made it feel a lot better! By the time the nurse called mommy back, I was using my arm like nothing had happened. It turned out that I had something called nursemaids elbow. I hope I don't get that again because it hurt!
Thanksgiving was so much fun! After mommy, daddy, Clare, grandma and I went to church we came home for a few little snacks and a nap before taking the trek to my great aunt's house. Mommy filled my plate with lots of yummy food but all I really wanted was the macaroni and cheese. I even got to sit at the kiddy table to eat. I had so much fun playing with all my cousins and seeing everyone! Mommy and Daddy say that Thanksgiving is a time to say thank you for everything I have so here's my list of things I am thankful for:
  • Mommy and Daddy and Clare
  • Grandma
  • All my family
  • my house
  • my food
  • my toys
  • and everything else that I can't remember
Today Miss Amy, my Parents as Teachers educator came to see me. For the first time ever, I wasn't sure what to think of her. She wanted me to do a bunch of things but I wanted to be close to mommy. I would do things for mommy but not for Miss Amy. Miss Amy tried to do the Ages and Stages Questionnaire but at the beginning I didn't want to cooperate to much until she showed me her blocks and all her cool toys. Then I had no problems playing but after a little while I was ready for Miss Amy to leave and I made sure she knew that! I heard Mommy and Daddy and Miss Amy talking about the terrible twos. I don't know what's so terrible about them, so far they seem pretty fun to me! ;)

Well I think that's about it. I promise I will try to post more frequently and definitely upload some pictures soon!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Just a few teasers...

Just in time for the holidays...

Clare's will be updated with some more pictures soon as well!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Updates coming

I've been busy but I will post updates soon!

Still advanced but not as much as Clare

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