Tuesday, July 18, 2006


It's been HOT HOT HOT so I haven't spent a lot of time outside. I have been going swimming though. I really like playing in the water. I have learned how to splash and I can even float on my back by myself for a very short time. I can sort of doggy paddle to as long as mommy or daddy are holding on to me. I like to hold on to them while I move my other arm and legs. I don't seem to get anywhere though. :( My friend Marc and his mommy and daddy came over and swam with me last week. I even shared my baby float with him. He needed it more then me. I liked playing with him, but all that swimming is hard work for a little guy like me.Daddy had last week off work so I got to play with him every day! I had so much fun. Maybe he will take off in October again for a week. (HINT HINT)Like I said, it's been HOT so I don't really have much to say...except OUT

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