Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bathtime Nightmare!

Mommy and Daddy decided that since I am now 8 months old, I should take my baths in the big scary bathtub. I wish they would have asked me first! Mommy put a laundry basket in the tub with some new toys for me, but I don't care...all that big stuff is scary! I miss my kitchen sink tub. I cry and cry when it is bathtime now. Do you have any ways to make bathtime less scary for me? Please post a comment and let me know because I'm sure mommy's ears would appreciate it.

Feel Better Soon, Aiden

I hope you feel better soon Aiden. Being sick is NO fun!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bottles are for Babies...

and I'm not a baby anymore!

I have started drinking everything mommy gives me in a sippy cup now. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering that I have to hold the handles AND tip my head back, but I am getting so much better.

I just had to share my newest accomplishment!


Note from Mommy

Thomas, I can't believe that you are 8 months old today. You have gotten so big so fast! Daddy and I love you so much and you are the best gift that God gave us.

This is mommy and daddy's promise to you:

We will make a memory with you
Spend some time with you to show we care;
Toys and trinkets can't replace those Precious moments that we share.
Money doesn't buy real pleasure, It doesn't matter where we live;
You need your own attention, Something only we can give.
Childhood's days pass all too quickly, Happy memories all too few;
We will plan to do that special something, Take the time to go or do.
We will make a memory with you,
We will take the time in busy days; and have some fun while you are growing,
We promise to show our love in gentle ways.

(adapted from Elaine Hardt, "Make a Memory" ©1977 )

All by myself

This weekend I discovered how to push myself up to now I can roll over, sit and stand all without mommy and daddy's help. I have so much fun pushing myself up that I don't want to take any naps! When I woke up this morning, I was ready to move. It won't be long now and I'll be cruising everywhere!


Thursday, August 24, 2006

We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship

I love the Little Einsteins. Whenever I'm cranky, all mommy or daddy have to do is turn it on and I'm happy again. I can't wait to get the music so I can listen to it all the time! If you haven't seen it, you gotta watch it! It's wonderful!


Air show pictures!

I went to my first air show at Scott Air Force Base on August 12th. Mommy and Daddy were worried that the Thunderbirds would scare me, but I thought that they were pretty neat. Of course mommy and daddy had the camera, so here's a picture mommy took of the Thunderbirds.

Just watching planes go by.

My pets

I know it doesn't look like it, but Homer is
smiling at the camera.
This is Otis...he's just my size!
I'm Milo the cat. If I look like I'm resting, maybe he'll leave me alone.

I have another kitty, but she won't come out of hiding for me to take her picture.

I think I can...I think I can...

that is. I have been trying so hard to move. Sometimes I like to scoot around on my belly to get things or sit and sort of pull myself around. No one told me that crawling was going to be so hard! Here's some pictures mommy took of me trying...

you can see...I am trying so hard, but sometimes it is just easier to lay on my tummy!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stay tuned...

I know it has been awhile since I last wrote but mommy and daddy are finally getting high speed internet, so it will be so much faster for me to download all the pictures I want to share and to provide updates.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I have 2 teeth!

My two bottom teeth have come in and I'm not sure what to do with them. I've bit mommy a few times when eating. I'm sorry mommy but I don't know what I am suppose to do with them. I like putting everything in my mouth and biting it. Even though mommy and daddy lowered my bed, I still pull myself up and chew on my crib. Mommy says that this is just the beginning. I'm not sure I like that idea! How many more teeth do I have to get??

Hanging out with Luke

Yesterday, I got to hang out with Luke for a while and show him all of MY cool toys. He really seemed to like the areosaucer that my mommy got for him. I know I really liked it but I like mine even more. There are so many fun things to play with on mine. (Thanks Renee and Boys!)

There isn't a lot going on lately. We have been sticking to my schedule and I really like it even though it seems like I sleep and eat all morning and into the early afternoon. I do get some playtime in the morning with mommy but I really like the afternoons when I get to really play with mommy and run errands.

This weekend we are going to an air show says mommy. I can't wait! I'll definitely let you know how much fun I have!


Monday, August 07, 2006

Pictures from my weekend

Daddy and me on the Wooden Truck

I think you need to go this way, Mike and Marc

Jake, Sara and Popeye (Bet you don't have one of these in S. Dakota!)
Who is this Popeye person?

Hmmm I wonder what's over there?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mom's Little Plug

There has been alot of talk lately about the right to breastfeed in public and about breast feeding in general. I realize that breastfeeding in NOT for everyone so I don't want to make anyone feel guily for NOT breastfeeding, but if you can, PLEASE PLEASE give it a chance. Thomas has been a champion breastfeeder since day 1
and when I realize how much money I have saved by not having to buy
formula, the time it takes is definitely worth it.
I saw this article online the other day and wanted to share it and get some other opinions. I don't see a problem with it.
You can see the photo and read the article here:
What's your thoughts on breastfeeding and breastfeeding in public?
Ok I'll get off my soapbox now. :)

Car Seats are NOT for napping!!

Today mommy, daddy and I went on a little road trip with our friends Jake and Sara to Sikeston, MO to visit Lambert's Cafe ( and to do a little shopping at the Outlet Mall. If you have never been to Lambert's you have got to go! It's definitely an exciting time. We met up with my friend Marc and his mommy and daddy at Lambert'. I was really good on the way down. I slept until Jackson, MO and then ate a bit. Once we got to Lambert's, I got my first taste of throwed rolls. Can you believe that they throw food?? I don't think their mommies and daddies like that too much, I know that my mommy and daddy don't like it when I throw food. The roll was very tasty. There was so much going on inside that once we got outside and got my picture taken with some of their toys, I fell asleep. But mommy woke me up while she was trying shoes on me. I'm not so sure about shoes. I like being FREEEEE! On the way back home, we took a little sidetrip to Chester, IL..home of Popeye (whoever that is). Mommy and Daddy of course took my picture. I didn't care, I was just happy to be out of my carseat for awhile. I was glad to get home and stretch out. I like my new carseat but I don't like taking naps in it. I can't turn over or really move all that much.

I'll post some pictures of my journey tomorrow. I'm


Friday, August 04, 2006

Me and Daddy

I love my Daddy!

I'm flying high!!

Look at me now!

I'm getting soooo BIG!
(7 months)

Home on the Range

What do you think? Am I the cutest cowboy you've ever seen??


No one told me how much teething hurts!! I have been one unhappy boy the last couple days. Mommy has tried frozen washcloths, teething rings, Tylenol, teething tablets, rubbing my gums BUT nothing is helping!! I can even feel the tooth with my fingers. I woke up last night crying because it hurt so bad. Mommy and daddy would love any suggestions on how to make teething more bearable for me AND them!! They would love to have their happy boy back again!!!!