Monday, October 29, 2007


On Saturday mommy,Clare and I met my friend Marc and his mommy at the zoo for Boo at the Zoo. We got there when the zoo opened but there were so many people there already! Instead of going trick or treating in the zoo, we (ok the mommies) decided to take us to the Children's zoo where we got to see frogs, birds, rabbits and GOATS. After Marc,Clare and I (mostly I) played with the goats, we went to ride on the ZooLine Railroad. I love riding on trains and waving to people. When we got off the train, we went and made Clare a hippo named Bella and had some lunch. Then if that wasn't enough excitement,we went to Borders for storytime and to go trick or treating throughout the store. I wasn't too interested in the candy, but I did want the crayons! Then after Borders, we went to see daddy at work and show off Clare and my costumes to all of daddy's co workers. They all agreed that I made a very cute pirate and that Clare was a very cute COW.

What a busy day for a little boy who didn't take a nap!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

TV star

Yep that's me! They featured my pirate picture on Show Me St. Louis today.

If you live in or around St. Louis you can see me Friday, the 26th at 10:30am.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Play DOH

Mommy let me get the play doh out the other day. I had fun with it and even more fun getting it EVERYWHERE!!!

Yes it's another Park!

This time I'm at Sylvan Springs Park. I've been there before but since it is so close to home, it's fun to go to! (I had more pictures, but the memory card ate them :( )

Just for fun

Love my hat?

What? I don't want my picture taken anymore!!!

Ok FINE. Take one!

It's who? I'll talk to daddy but I need a drink it might be awhile!

Another park!

This time mommy took me Crestwood Park. I had so much fun swinging. I really wanted to play on the playground but it rained the night before and everything was WET and mommy wouldn't let me. I definitely let her know that I was NOT happy about not being able to go on the playground all the way home!


In case mommy wasn't sure, here I am pointing out where I really want to go!


Mommy, Daddy, Clare and I all met my playgroup at Rombach's Pumpkin Patch on the 14th. Can you believe that it was 80 degrees!! I was HOT as a pirate so mommy made sure to get some pictures of me before she took off most of my costume. I had so much fun looking at the pumpkins, riding the pony, seeing all the farm animals and riding in the barrel train (all by myself!)

Me and the pumpkins...notice my friend Rosie in the background? She's Little Red Riding Hood!

It's HOT!

Me and mommy with my pony after the ride

And we're off!

Gotta look at all the animals!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My potty chair

Remember me telling you that I went potty twice on my new potty chair?? Well here I am sitting on it. I haven't went since, but I do like to sit on it and read a book. HMMMM I wonder where I got that idea from?
oh mommy do you HAVE to take my picture? But I have to make sure the door is shut first.....

ok just this once :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday AIDEN!!
My friend Aiden turns 2 today!
Hope you have a great on the lookout for a package from me!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

21 month pictures

Yes now that I am 21 months old, mommy and daddy took me to get my pictures taken. Here's just a sampling...

Me and my parrot

Don't I make a cute pirate?

So much catching up to do!

I have so much blogging to catch up on but NO pictures to show for it. You see, our digital camera broke earlier this week and we hadn't downloaded the pictures yet. I took the media card to good ole Walgreens to make a CD however because there were video files on it, they couldn't make a CD. :( The manager told me she would try to play around with it, but couldn't make any promises. However have no fear, the new digital camera arrived today (my early birthday present). Pictures will be forthcoming, but until then...bear with me as I recount the last couple weeks.

In September, we went with our friends, Tim and Lisa and their 2 kiddos to the balloon race at Forest Park. We learned from last year to get there early and we did. It was great. Thomas and Ernie (who are 8 months apart) had fun creating noodle art and nibbling on the samples. They also got to ride a pony and let me tell you what little cowpokes they looked like! We sat on the hillside and had a picnic lunch while watching the balloons inflate for the photo contest. (Note to self: Remember to put sunscreen on BEFORE going next year! Luckily Children's Hospital was there and had some that they were giving away so Thomas got covered for the most part and Clare remained shielded by the carseat and stroller, Mommy and daddy on the other hand were a different story. We were both quite red for church on Sunday.) Thomas was asleep before we were even to the car so he missed the Hare takeoff. It just goes to show how much fun he had!

Thomas has also decided that he is too BIG for his highchair and so we made the leap to a booster seat. He loves it and I'm sure the dogs do as well since he is now closer to them and can feed them what he doesn't want!

Thomas loves to color as well and we just discovered he loves to finger paint! Whoever created the Crayola magic wonders line is a pure genius! It has been a godsend both at home and at church!

The most exciting thing has also happened in the last week-Thomas has used the POTTY!! Yes you read that right...our 21 month old is starting (?) to get potty trained. I'm definitely NOT rushing him although can I just tell you how nice it would be to only have to buy 1 pack of diapers instead of 2???? He so proud of himself when we goes and even does a little dance when he hears the music of the potty chair after doing the deed.

And that my family and friends is Thomas' last couple weeks in a nutshell. Make sure you check out Clare's site for her updates.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Updates coming

Updates will be made this weekend.