Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Baby Mason is here!

Congratulations Carlos and Melanie!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's fun to climb up on his lap

Santa's Lap
I like to visit Santa Claus When Christmastime is near. It's fun to climb up on his lap And whisper in his ear.

He says, "My dear, have you been good? Have you done what Mother said you should? Do you brush your teeth and hair each day? Are you kind to others when you play?

I listen to each question And answer every one. Although I am ashamed to say I must say no to some.
But Santa never scares me; He doesn't even scold. He just says, "Try again, my dear, You're a fine lad, I am told."

Gee, I like to visit Santa Claus When Christmastime is near. It's fun to climb up on his lap And whisper in his ear...

Look! Look! Look!

It snowed for the first time this year and I got to out and play in it with daddy! Here's how my day went....

What is this stuff? Could it be? Look mommy, SNOW!

Ok I've got my sled...I'm ready. Here daddy you take it outside for me


Oops! I gotta eat some snow before my next trip down the hill!

More pictures to come since it snowed even more last night!

50 cents of fun!

I have discovered these cool toys at the mall. Mommy puts money in them and I get to pretend I'm in a car, spaceship, trolley, train or helicopter. I love to ride in them and I get very upset if mommy walks past them without letting me get out and ride on one or two or all of them! Mommy thinks she is being sneaky by only letting me ride in one but I have to sit in all of them anyways.

My favorite is the train but it wasn't working. Here's me in the spaceship and in the trolley.

Brush Brush Brush your teeth

Mommy and Daddy took me to the dentist for the first time last week. Even though I wouldn't let Dr. Wood count my teeth, I did go for a ride in the chair with mommy. Dr. Wood said to keep brushing my teeth, so here's some pictures of me doing just that!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Meghan's birthday party

The Birthday Girl

Me eating cake (yes I do have a bicycle helmet on! Eating cake can be
dangerous stuff!)

Ernie eating cake

My friend Ernie's sister turned one this week and we went to her birthday party. Ernie has some really neat toys especially all his TRAINS!! I had fun playing with them even though we didn't share them very well all the time. Sometimes I wish I had more words so I could have told everyone how I felt, but since I don't know the words yet, I sometimes pushed and hit Ernie instead. I hope he knows that I was sorry and I hope that we get to play together again soon!