Monday, July 31, 2006

My friend Luke

Me and Luke

I really liked this toy! I think mommy and daddy may buy me one. I can just imagine me zooming after the puppies and kitties in it. Watch out!

Hmm what am I suppose to do now?

Today, mommy and I took a little trip early this morning to my friend Luke's house. Luke's mommy had to go to work, so Luke and I got to play together ALL morning. Luke was very nice about sharing his toys with me. I tried to give him a hug to say thank you but it didn't quite work. After I ate breakfast, mommy gave Luke a bottle and tried to lay him down but he screamed and screamed. Boy he can be really loud when he wants to be!! Mommy tried and tried but nothing was working. I didn't like mommy spending all that time with Luke so I decided to let her know how I felt! Mommy didn't know what to do with 2 crying babies who both needed naps. Finally Luke and I fell asleep, but I didn't sleep very long. Everytime I moved the bed did too. That was a little scary. BUT...I did get mommy to myself for awhile and we got to play with some of Luke's cool toys. After Luke woke up, we played together for a little bit and then it was lunchtime. I wasn't quite sure about that! I wanted to eat it all but mommy had Luke and I wait for turns. After lunch and Luke's bottle, mommy tried naptime again. I wouldn't let mommy get to far...I wanted to play! Mommy and I played some more and I took a little snooze on mommy's lap while we waited for Luke's mommy to come home. I think mommy is pretty tired, but I heard her tell daddy and Luke's mommy (Jenn) that she wants me to have a brother or sister soon. HMMMMMM I'm not sure what I think about that. Let me ponder that for awhile, but until then


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