Monday, July 03, 2006

My first road trip!!

After being sick for a week and not sure if we were going to go, mommy and daddy decided Friday that we were all well enough to embark on my first road trip. On Saturday after packing up the car and picking up grandma to pet sit, we were off to Bloomington, IL to see my friend Aiden's daddy get ordained and installed as a pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church. On the way, we made a stop in Springfield so daddy could get his record fix and mommy and I window shopped. I was happy to get out of my carseat again and stretch my legs. We stopped to eat and I got to sit in a highchair all by myself. I did really good but I really wanted to chew on the table and mommy and daddy wouldn't let me so I let them know how unhappy I was. After we all ate, we were on our way again. I took a little catnap in the car so I could be wide awake while we explored Bloomington-Normal. After we checked in our hotel, I had fun playing on the bed with daddy before bedtime. I slept in my pack and play for the first time and I almost slept all night except I heard mommy and daddy talking and I wanted to talk to them. Daddy got me out and put me in bed with him and mommy. I like sleeping next to them. When we got up on Sunday, we went to church and then did some more exploring before the ordination and installation service. It was a long time sitting still and I didn't like that, so mommy and I walked around the back of the church for awhile. I didn't see my friend Aiden until the very end and then I was so excited to see him and I think he was excited to see me too!! I wish I could see him more often. Mommy and Daddy said that maybe we would be able to see him again if we take a trip up to Chicago. At the reception, I had my first taste of icing and cake. On our way out of town, mommy and daddy lost my daytime eeyore and they spent a long time looking for it. I was happy that they had remembered nighttime eeyore because I was really sleepy. I slept most of the way back home until we stopped to eat in Litchfield. Mommy snuck me some potato and some applesauce. I made some really funny faces eating the applesauce. It was really tart. Once we were back on the road again, I napped some but woke up once we were back in St. Louis and I was NOT happy about still being in my carseat. I made sure mommy and daddy knew that too. Once we got home, I was happy to be home and to see grandma. It was a busy weekend, but I hope we go on a roadtrip again sometime.Mommy said she will post some pictures of me in the highchair and some of me and my friend Aiden soon, so be sure to look for them.Later.

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