Sunday, December 07, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A week and a half...

and posts will return! Oh and mommy will have her masters!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Remember Me?

Mommy is finally getting around to updating my blog to look for plenty of pictures and updates!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Easter 2008

After going to church with Nana and mommy and daddy, we met grandma at The Wildflower Cafe for brunch. No one expected it to SNOW!! After brunch, we headed home for a little bit to see what the Easter Bunny left for us and to take a nap before heading to Aunt Donna's or at least that was the plan. I however had other ideas and decided a nap was NOT what I wanted. Mommy and daddy tried getting me to lay down with them but that didn't work either. They even put one of my movies on the laptop and tried to get me to watch that. Silly mommy and daddy...I wanted to play and nana was in my living room! Finally mommy had had enough of me and Clare not napping...oh did I forget to mention that Clare didn't want to take a nap either. Mommy decided to head up to Aunt Donna's and take the LONG way. Clare and I were both asleep before she even got on the highway! We of course had a fun time at Aunt Donna's once we woke up some but it was a long ride home for mommy because Clare was NOT happy about being in her carseat and cried for nearly 5 miles....I was good though...I slept.

Purina Farms

Purina Farms is so much fun. Even though it is quite a drive to Grey Summit, MO it is definitely worth the trip. In addition to all the animals we saw, we also saw a dog show. Those jumping dogs were amazing! I think one of the best parts of the day was the picnic lunch mommy, daddy, Clare and I had in the car before heading back home. (Mommy thought there were going to be picnic tables but there weren't any were you could bring your own food so we got to sit in mommy's car and eat. Mommy held Clare and daddy held me on his lap...yes 4 people in the front of the car. Good thing we are all small!)

(I apologize if you can't see the collage very well...mommy has too many pictures to post to post each one individually.)

Suson Farms

Since I love animals so much, mommy and daddy decided to take me to Suson Farms one Friday when daddy didn't have to go to work. I loved seeing the horses, the cows, the goats, the pigs, the geese and especially the baby bunnies.

Trip to the Zoo

I love the zoo and seeing all the animals...and I especially love going with my friend, Marc!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Updates still coming...BUT

What do you think of my new template?? Yes Google Readers I want to know, so click to view it please. :) Thanks! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of it.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Starbucks anyone?

If you know my mommy, you know she loves her Starbucks. Well apparently I do too because I was more than happy to help myself to mommy's. These things are YUMMY!!

SLU Easter Egg Hunt

Since Mommy is an alumni of St. Louis University, she discovered that they have an Easter Egg Hunt for the children and grandchildren of alumni and what kind of mommy would she be if she didn't take Clare and I to our first Easter Egg hunt? She didn't quite count on it snowing and being so windy in March but oh well, I had fun anyways. Clare on the other hand...well you can see for yourself, she was NOT happy about being cold!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Road TRIP!

On Wednesday, March 12th, mommy and daddy loaded up the car with all of our suitcases and Clare and myself and we were off to Kansas City, MO so mommy could attend a Women's Health Care Symposium (whatever that is) and daddy could spend time with me and Clare. It was a LONG trip. We stopped in Columbia to grab a bite to eat at Wendy's before arriving mid afternoon at our hotel. Mommy and Daddy were exhausted but not ME! I wanted to play after being in the car all day. After mommy (!) got all the luggage in (who knew being gone for 3 days and 2 nights required so much stuff--I'm sure mommy wishes she would have taken pictures of the bellhop thing loaded with 3 suitcases, a pack n play, and at least 3 other bags!), Daddy called his friend from KC, Jim. After talking to him for awhile while Clare and I watched Einsteins, we headed down to the hotel restaurant. Did you know that I have decided that I am too big for a highchair AND a booster seat? It has made life quite interesting for mommy and daddy but FUN for me...hehe. Mommy ended up taking me on multiple walks around the lobby while we were waiting on my food. I LOVED my mac and cheese though. After dinner, we headed back up to our room where daddy gave me a bath while mommy got Clare ready for bed. I loved splashing in the tub and getting water everywhere! Once I was done in the tub, I climbed up on the bed with mommy and daddy and watched my Word World DVD and my Einsteins DVD. Mommy and Daddy had to lay with me until I fell asleep, then they padded me in since I was sleeping in a queen bed ALL BY MYSELF!. Mommy hardly slept since she was so worried about me falling off the bed. I did just fine though.

On Thursday we got up bright and early so mommy could get to her conference. She left Clare and me with daddy while she hopped on the hotel shuttle and headed to Crown Center. Once daddy got Clare and I dressed, we ordered room service since daddy was NOT going to attempt breakfast in the restaurant again by himself. After breakfast, daddy packed Clare and I in our stroller and headed outside to walk to the library for story time. We arrived late so we missed story time but we got to explore the cool library. I had fun looking at the cow and the cityscape the was set up. After the library, we headed over to Winstead's for some yummy burgers and cherry limeaid. After lunch it was back to the hotel for naptime. I of course did not want to take a nap but did manage a little snooze next to daddy. It was then off to meet up with mommy so she could feed Clare, however Daddy managed to get lost in Crown Center or maybe it was mommy who was lost, so Clare missed out on a feeding. Oops. When we finally found the hotel where mommy was at, mommy was almost done for the day, so daddy and I got to play some hoops since everything was set up for the Big 10 conference games that was in town that weekend. When mommy did come down to meet us, I did not want to leave, but mommy told me we were going to the Crayon cafe and store. A whole store of! After walking over all the covered bridges, we arrived back at Crown Center. We found the Crayola store and I was amazed at all the things there, but alas I was tired and hungry so mommy and daddy decided to cut our visit short and grab some food at the cafe. Daddy decided to get me some cheese sticks but I had more fun eating daddy's onion rings and the ice cream that mommy and daddy got me for dessert. After dinner and a trip to the Hallmark store, we attempted to find our car in the garage. Once we found it we headed back to the hotel for bedtime. Mommy got Clare ready and Daddy got me ready. Once I was out of the tub, mommy left. She had a conference call to make for school so daddy was left in charge of getting me to sleep in the bed all by myself. He did a good job and after a couple of Einsteins and WordWorlds, I was out.

In the morning, we were up bright and early again thanks to Clare this time. Daddy started loading the car while mommy got us dressed then mommy was off to her conference. Daddy, Clare and I stayed at the hotel for a bit but then met up with daddy's friend Jim at Winstead's again for lunch. After lunch where I was a complete MONKEY, we headed to pick out mommy and head home. I fell asleep in the car but woke up when we stopped to get mommy some lunch. We had to make 2 stops on the way home, once so mommy could feed Clare and then again for dinner. I wasn't happy about not being able to get out of the car the first time so I was THRILLED when we stopped for dinner. I was so happy when we got home and I'm sure mommy and daddy were too. In fact, I think daddy may have even carried me off to bed and I didn't wake up once!

It was a long 3 days but I can't wait until next year. I hear that we are going to take the train!

I wanted to include pictures BUT instead of having multiple pictures, I'm adding a slide show, so enjoy!

The Incredible Pizza Company or something like that

Wow we did this way back in February (I think) and I'm just getting around to blogging about it. Oops!

Since we hadn't seen Lisa, Tim, Meghan and Ernie since before Christmas, we had to get together and exchange Christmas and Birthday gifts. We met at the Incredible P.izza Com.pany or something like that on a Saturday afternoon. If you have never been, it's a one time experience and that's it. It is crazy in there! There are multiple rooms to sit in (we sat in the auditorium where Blues Clues was playing on the BIG SCREEN), so much food I didn't know what to do, AND games, gocarts, bowling, and mini golf. Yes you read that right, there are go-karts INSIDE of this place. It was all a little overwhelming for Clare and me but we had fun anyways...well at least I did! Mommy and Daddy were glad to go home! They even had a little kiddie area with an inflatable house, some rides, and my favorite was the car on the track...which of course are the only pictures mommy took while we were there!

Getting ready...seatbelt buckled...and off we go....

Checking both ways before pulling away

Coming back around...and we're done!

Living in St. Louis

You never know what kind of weather to expect. Some days it is in the 30s and the next day it is in the 60s. Well on one of those 60 degree days mommy decided to have a popsicle and I of course had to have one too. Now if you remember, my last popsicle adventure ended in a bath since I managed to cover myself from head to toe in popsicle juice. I was determined this time was going to be different....

I tried...


AKA What was mommy thinking? Yes Mommy bought me finger paints for when Clare is napping. At first I wasn't so sure about paint on my hands but then like any little boy, I LOVE getting paint on my hands, my face, my shirt, my legs, you name it, I'm sure I have managed to get some paint on it. Mommy especially loved the paint in my hair. Oh well, it washes out and it is so much fun! You know that this milestone couldn't pass without mommy taking some pictures!

Me in daddy's shirt...daddy doesn't mind....right?

Don't touch ANYTHING!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some fun pictures to end

I love being silly...can't you tell?

Yes there are more updates coming tomorrow BUT this little boy needs to get to sleep.

Cleaning up

Or something like that. I have learned how to clean off the table when we are done eating. First I clean off the plates in the trash and then I put them in the sink or in the dishwasher. Today it was a sink day since the dishwasher was already full. I wonder how old I have to be to start getting paid for doing chores? (Oh wait, mommy just said, I do get paid into my college fund every month...hmmm)

The Zoo

So after breakfast, mommy, daddy, Clare and I braved the cold and walked quickly around the zoo. We got to see the sea lions get fed, the penguins and some bears. I kept saying 'more bears, more bears please' Mommy and daddy thought that was pretty funny. I was NOT happy about leaving the bears behind.

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny!

On a cool winter morn, Mommy, daddy, Clare and I went to the St. Louis Zoo for breakfast with the Easter Bunny. We met up with our friends Lisa, Tim, Ernie and Meghan while we were there. I had so much fun watching all the fish, seeing all the 'animals' and sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap! Unlike Meghan, I didn't cry at all!

The yummy breakfast...don't let this picture fool you. I hardly ate anything! I had more fun with all the dressed up characters.

Me and the 'frog' or lizard or something...

Have you hugged a tiger lately or kissed a hippo?

My 'tent'

So if you haven't heard, I have a tent for my bed nowadays. You see, I really like climbing out of my bed. However landing on a hardwood floor--OUCH! Mommy and daddy decided the day that I climbed out of my bed at 5:45am and when daddy came running in and I asked for my Santa book, it was time to do something. Off we trekked to mommy 'favorite' place-Babies R Us and we came home with a crib tent. I wasn't so sure of it at first but once mommy and daddy told me it was a tent, I LOVED it.

Sleeping soundly

Splish Splash

I was takin' a bath.

I LOVE taking baths with my sister although she's not a real fan. I don't know WHY, it isn't like I splash all the time and all over the place!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome to the world!

Kiley Ellen and Josef Martin were born to Kierstin, Brian and Evelyn today. Mommy got up really early (before the sun was even up) to be in the delivery room with Kierstin, Brian, Kiley and Josef. I can't wait until we can all play together. Can you just see 5 of us under the age of 4 playing together??

Kiley is on the left and Josef is on the right.