Sunday, April 23, 2006

My weekend

On Saturday, mommy, daddy and I went to Suson Park to see the farm animals. I slept most of the time, but I woke up in the barn with the horses and cows. They are smelly!! I'm glad we didn't stay too long.On Sunday, after church, mommy and I went to see Aunt Renee, Uncle Brad, Jake, Cole and Cooper to celebrate Cooper's first birthday. I had lots of fun smiling at everyone. I really liked Cooper's swing. Cooper even gave me a little push when it slowed down. Cooper even let me borrow his exersaucer. I really like standing in it and playing with the toys. I like making noise with the beads. It's lots of fun! I'll have mommy post pictures of me in it soon.Tomorrow mommy says that we are going to the zoo with Tyler and Luke if it doesn't rain. I can't wait to show Luke all the animals.That's all for now...don't forget to sign my guestbook to let me know you came for a visit.OUT

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