Monday, April 17, 2006

My first Easter!

On Saturday, I spent some time with daddy while mommy had some 'mommy time'. I missed mommy and I let daddy know about it! I think daddy was ready to cry himself. He wanted mommy home. Daddy and I met up with mommy and great grandma and my aunts, uncle and cousins for an Easter meal. I slept most of the time, but when I woke up, mommy took me out of my carseat to see everyone. I had a little bit of an accident on mommy. I really liked seeing everyone. I really like my Cousin Chris. He gave me some pudding. It was pretty good.That night grandma came over and we went to church. I slept the entire time! Mommy and daddy were so surprised. I'm not sure why since daddy plays his music louder then they did at church. :) I felt like I was at home.On Sunday, I got up early to see what the Easter Bunny brought me. He gave me an Easter Basket, a bunny, a frog and a book about the first Easter. After we went to church, we went to Brunch and I got to meet the Easter bunny again. Check out my photo album because I added some pictures of me and the easter bunny. After brunch, mommy,daddy, grandma and I went to Forest Park and took some pictures. It is so pretty there but it was very windy! My hat almost blew off and I really like my hat so I'm glad grandma caught it for me.Later, while daddy did some lawn work, mommy took me outside to watch. Someday I'm going to cut the grass for daddy. It looks fun.Stay tuned for more pictures this week. Mommy says that we might do to the zoo later this week. I love animals. I hope we get to see some frogs.OUT

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