Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My first Haircut

Mommy and daddy were tired of everyone nagging them about getting my hair cut. I thought I looked just fine but people kept calling me a girl even though I DEFINITELY look like a boy. So mommy and daddy took me to mommy's stylist, Rebecca. Daddy was going to go first and show me how it's done, but I was in such a good mood that I got my hair cut first. I did so good! I sat in daddy's lap while Rebecca cut my hair. Everyone was so proud of me!

The before....I was having a really bad hair day!
The during...I decided I didn't like the cape!

The after..what do you think?


Cheryl said...

Thomas you look so handsome! I bet your mommy is sad you are looking so grown up now!

Nitzels said...

Your haircut looks wonderful Thomas! Very nice... and so well-behaved!

Kim said...

Thomas' new haircut is adorable!! He is so cute!!