Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Finally I am getting around to posting about my Very First Christmas! It was so busy, I didn't know WHERE I was half the time.

On Christmas eve, we spent the evening with grandma and Daddy's cousin. I met first cousins once removed (Rich and Linda) and first cousins twice removed (Neil and Tony). I also met my great aunt (Merlin). Everyone was so much fun. After we ate dinner, we all sat by the big decorated tree and opened presents. I got to open mine first. I had so much fun playing with the box! The car inside was neat but the box was so much better! I got so many neat things from everyone including Santa. I started to get a little bit cranky when I didn't have anymore gifts to open so mommy and daddy changed me into my Christmas pajamas and let me snuggle with them until everyone was done opening presents. I don't remember much after mommy loaded me in the car because I fell asleep and didn't wake up until Christmas morning!

What no more presents for me?

That's ok, I'll just play with this bag...

So tired...

On Christmas morning, I walked into the living room and guess what? Santa had come!

He left me a train,

some clothes, some books, and a bunch of other really neat toys.

I got to play with some of my toys while mommy and daddy took turns getting ready for church. Once I was dressed, we went and picked up grandma. Church was so beautiful. I love listening to the handbell choir and all the music. I started to get antsy and cranky since I was missing my nap so mommy took me to the back of church so I could walk around for a bit. Once I was buckled in my carseat, I was out like a light. I didn't wake until we got to my Great Aunt's house. Everyone was there! I got to see all of mommy's cousins and my greatgrandma and my other great aunt and uncle. It was so much fun! I even got to sit at the table with the grownups! After mommy gave me my food, I ate some mashed potatoes, yams, macaroni and cheese and some cookies. Then I got to play with everyone after opening my toys from the Barney clan! I of course fell asleep on the way home.

That's a busy weekend for such a little boy!

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