Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I thought all the excitement was over...

I thought that all the excitement was over,but I was wrong. Friday was my
1st birthday!
We had such a busy day too. Daddy stayed home from work to celebrate the day with mommy and me. In the morning, mommy's friend Alisha came over and took some pictures of all of us.
Here's the link to the slideshow that she created just for us.
Make sure you have your speakers turned on!
In the afternoon, I had more pictures taken because my friends at Target wanted to see me. Mommy didn't even buy any this time if you can believe that because she wants to buy Alisha's pictures.
After all my photo shoots, we went to Qdoba and I ate an entire cheese quesadilla by myself. Mommy even let me have some of her gaucomole on a chip.
It was such a busy day but when we got home, mommy and daddy sang "Happy Birthday" to me and I got to open one of my birthday presents. I love my animal train!

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