Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Godmother

My godmother, Nicole is upset that I don't write about her on here so here I go:

Mommy and Daddy met Nicole at a wedding reception. Nicole told mommy that she was trying to get started as a wedding planner and since mommy didn't have that 'mother' figure to help her with her wedding to daddy, she hired Nicole. Well her and Nicole became really good friends and mommy couldn't even think about asking anymore else to be my Godmother. BUT I hardly ever get to see her. Mommy and Nicole are always SOOO busy!

Mommy told me tonight that I may get to see her tomorrow though. I can't wait. I want to show her how big I am and all my cool toys. I think my 2 godsisters are coming too. I hope that they are nice to me. I'll let you know tomorrow how my day went. I'm sure mommy will take plenty of pictures of us together.


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