Thursday, September 14, 2006

So Busy!

I have been so busy learning all sorts of new things lately. I know how to say mama and I know exactly who that is. I scoot myself all over the floor and pull up on EVERYTHING! No more sitting in one place for me while mommy runs into the other room. I also know how to cruise around the furniture but that silly mama keeps moving things...but that's ok because I pull myself up to the couch and walk from one end to the other. (I'm usually trying to catch one of the puppies or kitties, but they won't let me) I've learned how to sing in church but I'm still trying to figure out when it's MY turn to sing. Mommy and Daddy shush me if the cantor is singing or if Pastor Pelsue is singing. I'm also learning how to clap and how to wave. When we went to the Olive Garden, I was waving to everyone! I also got to eat angel hair pasta...oh well maybe I played more with it then ate it.

I'm off to learn something else....


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