Monday, September 04, 2006

Busy Busy Weekend

On Saturday, Mommy and daddy went and bought a gate to keep me out of the kitchen, but I think it is really for our silly puppies. I think it is funny when the puppies are stuck on one side and I'm on the other. I like to laugh at our silly puppies when they whine for the gate to be opened.

After church on Sunday, we met my friend Marc and his mommy and daddy and some of their friends at the Greek Fest. ( It was alot of fun, but there were so many people there. We almost lost mommy when she went and got food. She was gone for a really really long time. Mommy told me that I get to try Greek food next year. I can't wait. Mommy's Pastitsio looked really good and so did daddy's Lamb shank. I can't wait to try all that food myself. Mommy and Daddy had a really yummy looking sundae too. Mommy said I'm going to have to wait awhile before I get one of my own. :(

On Monday I had so much fun. I got to see Marc and his mommy and daddy again. Daddy bbq's for them. I can't wait until I get to eat BBQ. It looked and smelled so good! Daddy says I need more teeth to eat one of mommy's burgers. Oh well maybe next year. Marc and I had so much fun playing. I even shared some of my toys after mommy reminded me. I like Marc and I'm glad that our mommies and daddies are friends. After Marc left, I was very very sleepy so after bathtime, it was bedtime.

I hope you had a good weekend!

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