Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Note from Mommy

Thomas, I can't believe that you are 8 months old today. You have gotten so big so fast! Daddy and I love you so much and you are the best gift that God gave us.

This is mommy and daddy's promise to you:

We will make a memory with you
Spend some time with you to show we care;
Toys and trinkets can't replace those Precious moments that we share.
Money doesn't buy real pleasure, It doesn't matter where we live;
You need your own attention, Something only we can give.
Childhood's days pass all too quickly, Happy memories all too few;
We will plan to do that special something, Take the time to go or do.
We will make a memory with you,
We will take the time in busy days; and have some fun while you are growing,
We promise to show our love in gentle ways.

(adapted from Elaine Hardt, "Make a Memory" ©1977 )

1 comment:

Elaine said...

I am delighted to see you've adapted my poem, "Make a Memory" for your sweet blog!
Blessings on you and your family from our Heavenly Father!