Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bathtime Nightmare!

Mommy and Daddy decided that since I am now 8 months old, I should take my baths in the big scary bathtub. I wish they would have asked me first! Mommy put a laundry basket in the tub with some new toys for me, but I don't care...all that big stuff is scary! I miss my kitchen sink tub. I cry and cry when it is bathtime now. Do you have any ways to make bathtime less scary for me? Please post a comment and let me know because I'm sure mommy's ears would appreciate it.

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Nitzels said...

I'm not sure what to try. Before putting Aiden in the big tub, we used a "blow up" toddler tub in the regular bath tub. He LOVED that and it wasn't so scary! Later, we just got rid of the blow-up tub and he was fine! He was used to sitting in deeper water and a bigger tub!