Saturday, August 05, 2006

Car Seats are NOT for napping!!

Today mommy, daddy and I went on a little road trip with our friends Jake and Sara to Sikeston, MO to visit Lambert's Cafe ( and to do a little shopping at the Outlet Mall. If you have never been to Lambert's you have got to go! It's definitely an exciting time. We met up with my friend Marc and his mommy and daddy at Lambert'. I was really good on the way down. I slept until Jackson, MO and then ate a bit. Once we got to Lambert's, I got my first taste of throwed rolls. Can you believe that they throw food?? I don't think their mommies and daddies like that too much, I know that my mommy and daddy don't like it when I throw food. The roll was very tasty. There was so much going on inside that once we got outside and got my picture taken with some of their toys, I fell asleep. But mommy woke me up while she was trying shoes on me. I'm not so sure about shoes. I like being FREEEEE! On the way back home, we took a little sidetrip to Chester, IL..home of Popeye (whoever that is). Mommy and Daddy of course took my picture. I didn't care, I was just happy to be out of my carseat for awhile. I was glad to get home and stretch out. I like my new carseat but I don't like taking naps in it. I can't turn over or really move all that much.

I'll post some pictures of my journey tomorrow. I'm


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