Friday, March 31, 2006

Rough night...

I had rough night. I went to sleep at 8, but I was up at 10pm, 1am and 6am. I just couldn't get comfortable and I wasn't really that tired. I think mommy gave me some caffeine last night and I was wired. I have tried NOT to be cranky today but I just want mommy to be close by.Yesterday mommy and I went to our friend Luke's house. Luke's a cool little dude. We were both actually awake together and we got to really see each other. Then our mommies put in a chair together and took pictures of us. Then mommy had to make some copies for work and on the way home I fell asleep. It was a long drive home.Mommy and I are going to go play outside later today and when daddy gets home we are all going for a walk. I can't wait. I love being outside.Until next time, OUT.

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