Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I pooped on daddy last night!!

Daddy was holding me while Mommy and Daddy were eating and nature called. I didn't mean to get it on daddy's leg, it just happened. Mommy and I thought it was pretty funny. Daddy did too..eventually. I hope I didn't ruin my basketball shirt though. I really like it. I also decided yesterday that I didn't want to take any naps. Mommy wasn't too happy about that. She took me shopping just so I would nap in the car. I was pretty cranky last night but I slept really good and I let mommy and daddy sleep until 4:30 this morning. After mommy fed me, I curled up next to her in bed...but I didn't sleep and neither did she. But daddy sure did..he snores!! :)Mommy told me we had lunch with great grandma today but I slept through it. I think mommy is trying to get me on a schedule, but it's not working too well. Doesn's she know that I have my own schedule??? What a silly mommy! Well I'll talk to you later.

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