Monday, March 27, 2006

Busy weekend

I had a very busy weekend! On Saturday after daddy and I survived our trial, mommy, daddy and I went shopping. Mommy and Daddy made me a dog at Build a Bear and dressed him in a Cardinal shirt and hat. Daddy wanted to name him Ruff, and mommy wanted to name him TJ. Daddy won and now Ruff sits in my bed with me at night and watches over me. After we shopped till we dropped (or until I got hungry), daddy went to a record store while mommy stayed in the car to feed me. Then she let me look out the window. There were lots of things going on. I watched the cars drive by and I watched all the people at the produce stand. That night when Daddy went to the symphony with grandma, mommy and I hung out at home. I was pretty restless and wanted to eat all the time. Mommy says that's because I'm growing alot. She keeps putting away some of my favorite clothes because they don't fit me anymore.On Sunday, I stayed awake almost all through church, but I got hungry during the sermon and mommy took me out to feed me. Then I fell asleep. Aunt Tabitha came over to play and we all went out shopping again. This time for me!! :) Mommy got my easter outfit and this really silly hat for me to wear. While we were waiting for daddy, I met a little girl named Chloe. While our mommies talked, her and I flirted with each other. Daddy said he thought she was a little wild, but I thought she was pretty neat. When we got home, I was tired!! It was a long weekend, but I got to spend some fun time with mommy and daddy. On Tuesday, mommy says we are going to go play with Luke and meet a new friend, Tyler. I can't wait. I hope that they will be ready to play!! Until next time...OUT

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