Thursday, June 14, 2007

My 'trial' sister...

Miss Meghan

On Tuesday, mommy and I watched Baby Meghan while her mommy and daddy were at work. At first I wasn't sure WHY she was at my house and wanting to play with MY toys, but eventually I figured out she wasn't leaving anytime soon.

Just us playing...

Meghan thought I was pretty funny until I accidentally
hit her on the head with Blue Buddy. Oops!

You can't really see my shirt, but since Daddy dressed me I have to share it with you. It says,
"Handsome future doctor seeking attractive female with wealthy father. Must enjoy peanut butter, toy trucks and frogs."
Do you think daddy is trying to marry me off already???

Even though I liked to steal Meghan's bottles and try and drink them and play with HER toys, I think I can do this big brother thing. I was a little sad when Lisa came and picked her up. I had to make sure to give her kisses. She's not so bad afterall...for a GIRL!

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