Thursday, June 14, 2007

A day at the Farm...

On Sunday, mommy, daddy and I went to Grant's Farm for the first time this season with all my playgroup friends. I loved riding the tram and looking out at all the animals. I even tried to feed the goats, but those silly goats don't know how to share and they kept trying to push me over! I also saw some guinea pigs, turtles,chickens, ducks, elephants,some camels, llamas and a lot of birds! Daddy even fed the chickens and ducks which I thought was very funny.

Looking out the tram at the animals....

Didn't these goats' mommies teach them sharing??

Daddy feeding the rooster

Daddy, me and the camel's hump...oops..he moved
too fast for mommy to get his face

Bud the elephant waving bye bye

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