Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Parents As Teachers...

Today, my PAT educator, Amy, came to play with me. She brought me a basket of all these really neat toys! I loved playing with all the balls and the Kooshy ball. Amy said that I am definitely advanced for my age so mommy and daddy were very excited about that. I also got to show off my walking. I was cruising around everywhere while she was here. I'm getting so big that I don't need to hold on to anything when I walk nowadays. I like to follow mommy and daddy wherever they go and I really don't like it when they go into another room without me especially if the gate is closed.

Mommy has been so busy with her practicum lately that I think I see more of Dusty and daddy then I get to see mommy. I'm glad that she will be done soon! I miss her playing with me during the day.

We are getting ready for Christmas. On Saturday, mommy and daddy put up the Christmas lights and mommy is going to put up the tree while daddy is at work tonight. I can't wait until presents start appearing. I'm going to write my letter to Santa this week. I'll be sure to post it on here since I have heard that Santa has the internet nowadays and maybe he will read my blog.

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