Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm 11 months old!

I have been up to so many new things! I can feed myself. I love eating yogurt and grilled cheese sandwiches. I have 8 teeth now so I have also learned how to bit mommy's finger when she is trying to use the toothbrush. I'm walking so much more now all by myself. When I went to the doctor I was almost 27 pounds! They didn't measure me this time since I was only there for a flu shot, and mommy forgot. Silly mommy! I think Homer and Otis are so funny. I have already learned to feed Homer when I am done with my food. Mommy and Daddy tell me to stop and NO, but I sneak him food when they aren't looking. I have been having so much fun playing with Dusty and Aunt Nicole when mommy and daddy are at work. I have also learned that I now can echo at church and I love to talk when Pastor or Vicar are talking. Mommy and daddy try to read to me, but I want nothing to do with that during church, afterall, I have to let Pastor and Vicar know what I think! That's all that is new with me...enjoy my new pictures!

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