Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Naughty or Nice?

Today I went and sat on Santa's lap and
mommy told him what a good boy I have been this year.
I was so good. I didn't cry at all! Neither did my friend, Marc who
we met at the mall. I hope Santa
brings me a lot of neat stuff for
Christmas. I think that I am
just starting to figure out
all this excitement!
Mommy has been playing Christmas
music in the car for me
and I see all these houses decorated with lights.
Everything is so neat. I can't wait to celebrate
my very first Christmas! (although I think mommy is
a little sad, since I turn one soon after and she
isn't ready for me to be one yet!)

1 comment:

Nitzels said...

Super cute pics!! We hope you have a wonderful 1st Christmas!!!