Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Prayers needed for a couple of friends...

Two nurses that I worked with at St. John's have hit some rough times and definitely need prayers....

Deb was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma on March 28, 2007. On April 5th she underwent a double mastectomy and will receive chemotherapy followed by radiation over the next several months. Deb is only 36 and has an adorable one year old, Abby.

Melody has a "fat and sassy" (her words) pituitary tumor that is creeping out into her sphenoid sinus and who knows where else which has caused her to have cushings disease. Melody is the proud mom of 4 girls and lost her husband a couple years back to a massive heart attack. She is an amazing woman and as of today has had successful surgery to remove the tumor. She is recoving in the ICU but is happy to have her sight. (Loss of vision was a possible complication of the surgery)

Please keep these two wonderful moms,nurses and women in your thoughts and prayers.

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