Sunday, May 13, 2007

How mommy spent her mother's day....

After visiting Bethel Lutheran Church this morning where daddy's LCM pastor preached his last sermon before becoming the pastor of a church in Maryville IL, we came home for a bit before going to brunch at Wildflower Cafe. They had so much good food! Of course I LOVED the green beans and mashed potatoes, but I also tried some bacon, chicken, fruit, eggs souffle and fried potatoes. After brunch, daddy and I took mommy to Forest Park for some spring pictures. I think I had more fun then mommy and daddy did. I decided that I needed to run across the golf course green and have daddy chase me! Mommy and Daddy took some great pictures of ME! :)

On the way home,I fell asleep for a much needed nap. Mommy and Daddy also took a nap when we got home because I wore them out! After nap time we went and picked up grandma before going to Aunt Donna's for Josh's going away party. (more on that later) We ate some very yummy food! I had more green beans, fried chicken and bread. Mommy also snuck me some cake and Uncle Darrel gave me some grapes. I LOVE grapes. I had so much fun playing and seeing everyone. After saying good bye to everyone, mommy put my jammies on me and we headed home where of course I fell asleep in the car. It was such a busy day for us!

Here's some pictures of mommy, daddy and I at Forest Park.

Running away from mommy and and daddy...
me in my cool hat and shades.

Mommy and me....the family (something on the ground was more interesting then the camera)

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