Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Easter 2008

After going to church with Nana and mommy and daddy, we met grandma at The Wildflower Cafe for brunch. No one expected it to SNOW!! After brunch, we headed home for a little bit to see what the Easter Bunny left for us and to take a nap before heading to Aunt Donna's or at least that was the plan. I however had other ideas and decided a nap was NOT what I wanted. Mommy and daddy tried getting me to lay down with them but that didn't work either. They even put one of my movies on the laptop and tried to get me to watch that. Silly mommy and daddy...I wanted to play and nana was in my living room! Finally mommy had had enough of me and Clare not napping...oh did I forget to mention that Clare didn't want to take a nap either. Mommy decided to head up to Aunt Donna's and take the LONG way. Clare and I were both asleep before she even got on the highway! We of course had a fun time at Aunt Donna's once we woke up some but it was a long ride home for mommy because Clare was NOT happy about being in her carseat and cried for nearly 5 miles....I was good though...I slept.

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