Monday, October 29, 2007


On Saturday mommy,Clare and I met my friend Marc and his mommy at the zoo for Boo at the Zoo. We got there when the zoo opened but there were so many people there already! Instead of going trick or treating in the zoo, we (ok the mommies) decided to take us to the Children's zoo where we got to see frogs, birds, rabbits and GOATS. After Marc,Clare and I (mostly I) played with the goats, we went to ride on the ZooLine Railroad. I love riding on trains and waving to people. When we got off the train, we went and made Clare a hippo named Bella and had some lunch. Then if that wasn't enough excitement,we went to Borders for storytime and to go trick or treating throughout the store. I wasn't too interested in the candy, but I did want the crayons! Then after Borders, we went to see daddy at work and show off Clare and my costumes to all of daddy's co workers. They all agreed that I made a very cute pirate and that Clare was a very cute COW.

What a busy day for a little boy who didn't take a nap!

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