Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just call me Daredevil.....

I can't believe that I almost forgot to tell you about my adventure last week. While daddy was in the kitchen and mommy was in the living room with me, I decided to play peek a boo with mommy using a blanket. Well I had my head covered and my feet got all tangled up in the blanket while I was walking and I went down on the hardwood floor with a THUD! I hit my chin hard on the floor and bit my tongue in 2! places. They weren't little bites either. I managed to bit through my tongue! It's on the very tip and it sort of looked like I had a snake tongue for awhile. I bled all over mommy and me! All I wanted to do was cuddle with mommy and suck on Eeyore (my pacifier) in the morning. Mommy called Dr.Rezabek's office and the nurse told her that unless it was hanging off,there wasn't much they could do for it except make sure mommy kept cold on it and making sure that I was drinking plenty of fluids.

After my morning nap was a totally different story! I went right back to being a daredevil. I kept wanting to climb on the couch and walk across it...Nothing scares me!

I heard mommy tell daddy that she hopes I don't end up in the ER before I turn 2 since I am such a little daredevil! I've got to keep mommy and daddy on their toes!

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