Sunday, February 11, 2007

Being sick is no fun!

I am teething and I have a really bad cold. I have a yucky runny nose and a cough. Mommy even stayed home from her practicum on Monday to take care of me and Daddy stayed home on Tuesday. I'm starting to feel better but now I have decided to wake mommy and daddy up early in the morning. I like climbing in bed with them and cuddling! NOT...instead I like to flip and turn and be a monkey at 5am. Mommy and Daddy do not like that but I have so much fun. :) That's about it from this end...nothing too exciting has been happening since I haven't been feeling good.
They are predicting snow next week, so maybe mommy and daddy will take me for more exciting tobaggan rides. On Thursday mommy and I are going to see Aunt Lisa, Ernie and Meghan and go to a train place. I hope I'm back up to snuff by then. I love playing with Ernie!

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Nitzels said...

Hope you feel better soon, Thomas!!